Raggalution band and logoRaggalution was born in the summer of 2011 in Kranj, Slovenia. Seven musicians from different parts of the alternative scene were brought together by the unifying power of reggae. We released our debut album Mask of Liberty in 2013 and toured across Europe, playing both miniature underground clubs and major festivals. In 2017 we finally finished our second album, Gatekeeper, which moves even further away from traditional reggae, into fusion territory. For us, reggae is like a glue that holds together all the different flavours we want to put into our music.

Reggae is more than just music, it is a way of spreading ideas. We will never lose sight of that. Raggalution is a herald, spreading the message of peace, love, and unity to whomever is willing to listen.
A cliche you say? But I feel this in a different way!


Raggalution are:

Mak Sever – Bass

Luka Bedene – Vocals

Pavel Čebašek – Drums

Žiga Fazarinc – Guitars

Jure Grahek – Keyboards

Leon Slabe – Trumpet and backing vocals

Jernej Jenko – Percussion